Tracepass is a simple-to-use mobile-friendly screening application (app), used to determine if an employee is safe to enter their workplace.


Tracepass has a secure real-time reporting dashboard used to manage the well-being of key workers or those returning to work post-lockdown.


It allows an employee to report daily to their company’s response group, by answering screening questions, configured to be aligned with corporate policies and government regulations.

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Enabling a safe operation within the workplace. Download the Tracepass App on the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. 


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Tracepass users with appropriate access levels can review the results of assessments by location on the Tracepass dashboard.


The dashboard provides statistics on specific daily results and also allows for the monitoring of historical trends to allow for the identification of patterns or systemic trends in the daily responses.


As participation across the organisation is paramount, Tracepass not only provides reporting data for both the successful and failed assessments but also tracks user compliance in terms of the daily assessments received in comparison to the population so that administrators are aware of their data coverage. 


Tracepass has two key builtin notification systems, push notification reminders and notifications of failed screening.

By utilising standard app push notifications, users are reminded on a daily basis to complete their screening assessment. The time of these notifications can be modified to accommodate specific time zones and office locations.

Tracepass supports two levels of failed screening notification:


Selected users are notified of any single failed screening assessment which occurs at any selected location for that notification group.


Notifications are sent on the basis of an aggregated threshold e.g. 10 users or 10% of users at a given location which may be elevated to a senior user group.

Tracepass also allows for the configuration of multiple notification groups, whereby a notification group is made up of a set of target locations and users who should be notified by email and within their notification panel on the Tracepass dashboard, when individuals fail screening assessments at these locations.

Based on the configuration settings users can determine whether failed screening notifications are simply submitted for information or if the notified user must close out the notification with a prescribed action which is subsequently audited and recorded with a timestamp within Tracepass.


Tracepass can be configured to trace individuals who have been in close contact with one another i.e. within a distance of 2m, over a period of 14 days. This allows administrators to trigger contact trace notifications on the basis of a failed screening which may be deemed to be high risk.


If this notification is triggered all affected users who have been deemed to be within close proximity of the failed screening source will receive a push notification alerting them to that
fact with a customisable message issued by the administrator.


Our contact tracing system is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals transmitted between Tracepass users as a background app service. The contact tracing functionality is an opt-in service which can be enabled by Tracepass administrators.


1-500 USERS

5 pounds per month

500-5000 USERS

2 Pounds per month

5000+ USERS

1 pound per month



GDPR Compliant

Tracepass has been designed to be compliant with both GDPR standards and data security principles.


Authentication & Encryption
All traffic to Tracepass services are secured by authentication protocols and encrypted in transit using HTTPS/SSL.


Secure cloud storage
All data stored within Tracepass is encrypted at rest within our secure cloud storage repository powered by Microsoft Azure.


Customizable Disclaimer

Organisations can define their own company disclaimer which users will need to review and accept to opt in prior to using the Tracepass platform.


Minimal Personal Data Storage
Individual data for users is restricted to simply a contact name and email address.


Specified Data Sharing
The result of each screening assessment is available to users with specific authorisation levels however the detail of the specific answers are suppressed and only the conclusion of the assessment is accessible.


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